Unintentional Double Exposures

Remember film cameras? I do. This is what happens when film cameras misbehave, film sprockets get lazy or the photographer forgets to wind the advance! But sometimes the camera justs “knows” better and introduces a bit of spontaneity into a photo.

Click on the images to view in my zenfolio site where you can purchase or view the image full frame.

Buzzard tree and DC Building: I found a creepy old tree close to colonial “Evan’s Farm” restaurant in McLean, Virginia where dozens of buzzards were hanging out — they heard the food was THAT good! At about the same time there was an anti-KKK rally in DC. I think the buildings are from that event.  This is what happens when you don’t rewind the film completely into the film cassette after shooting.

Buzzard tree and DC Building 11/1982

The next two images are from a roll of 120 TMAX I shot on my last trip to Paris in 1997. I don’t know what my major malfunction was, perhaps due to changing lenses on my Mamiya C220.  I particularly like this first one that married two images; one of the beer glass in a bistro outside of the Pompidou Centre and the other from inside the Picasso museum. I couldn’t have done it better if I planned it that way.

Picasso museum and Wine glass at an outside bistro - Paris, 6/97

Priest parade and Notre Dame - Paris - 6/97

The next one comes from a portion of a 35mm b/w negative of friends Richard Gans (seated), Marty Harvey (pants in upper left corner) and myself (hands).

RM Gans, Marty Harvey (MLH3) and me 7/81

And here’s an interesting one I recently unearthed from a stack of unfiled negs. Good pal and ever-willing model Joe Lawson from college days at Emory and Henry. This is when my old Yashica 635 twin lens was in its death throes.

Joe Lawson gets a Pepsi - Emory, VA 1974

Closing notes

I’ve been threatening to do some film photography and “intentional” doubles might be a fun project. I’ll post if I do.

I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning on my zenfolio site. Click on one of the images above to get there — and leave a comment or two should  you be inspired to do so.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sherry K. says:

    These are awesome…my favorite is the Picasso Museum. This makes me miss real film!!…(-:

    1. Vance Cox says:

      Thanks Sherry!

  2. Jessica Rowell says:

    Love these shots!!!! Gosh, these double exposures are really incredible. I can’t stop looking at the two made with your Mamiya, esp. the beer glass – a compositional masterpiece IMHO. I’m afraid that you, sir, possess a haunted camera. Anyways, I finally found your site (you know how forgetful I am…I should really tie some string to my index finger.) Hope to see you both soon!

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