Leap day evening well spent in Woodstock – Art car phone pix and naked ladies!

I finally retired my Motorola cellphone camera – click here for my previous “Motofoto” posting. I decided I needed more than 65 awesome KBs of an image. Here are several “leap day edition” photos taken with my new 3 MB (!!)  Samsung phone. In addition to still photos it does a passable job on videos. Definitely not iPhone quality but pretty fair. I’ll probably post some of those if inspired.  I happened to be attending a life drawing session in Woodstock GA and afterwards I couldn’t help but notice the car parked next to mine. Click on any image to view on my zenfolio site – order prints! The perfect gift for your inner hipster.

Art Car, Woodstock, GA
Art Car, Woodstock, GA

OK – that got my attention so I got busy.

Peace Love Art Car
Art Car - Athletic barbie
Art Car - Girlie Girl Barbie
Art Car - I am an Artist...what's your excuse?
Art Car - Lizard detail

As I mentioned I spent the evening at Kristina Laurendi Havens’ studio at her Figure drawing workshop. Kristina is a terrific figurative artist — check out her blog (click here)! Here are a couple of drawings from the class. Click the drawings to view in high res splendor on my zenfolio site.

Maureen, Leap day drawing #1, 2/29/12 - pencil 14" x 17" bristol
Maureen, Leap day drawing #1, 2/29/12 - pencil 14" x 17" bristol

Old Woodstock – Van Morrison


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