Paris and Marietta – June 1997

 June 1997 - Paris & Marietta - 120 TMAX400 Contact Sheet

June 1997 – Paris & Marietta
mamiy c220
Trusty Mamiya C220 (note red gasket holding lens in place)

Some rolls of film are better than others. I recently scanned this roll of 120 black and white film. Taken with my Mamiya 220. I loved 120 2 1/4 x 2 1/4, medium format photography then and I love it now. I plan to make some silver prints out of these too, but in the meantime the scans are quite acceptable. They are straightforward scans and all were given the “quadtone” treatment in Photoshop that can give digital black and white prints a warm paper print look.

During June of 1997 I had wrapped up a photo shoot of the beautiful Civaux

civaux beauty shot
Civaux Nuclear Power Plant beauty shot. Photographer, why it’s me…Vance Cox!

Nuclear power plant (yes, nuke plants can be beautiful, that is, if they are in France and they haven’t gone critical yet) in Chauvigny France. In the Loire area and  close to Poitiers, several hours drive southwest of Paris. I missed my flight home and had a weekend to kill in Paris. Looking for something suitably bohemian I chose a hotel in Montmartre. At first, I was mopey and wanted to go home after a 2 – 3 week shoot. Wanting a taste of home


 I went to a McDonald’s (ewwww!) to see if a happy meal could cheer me up. Then I thought “How stupid are you! You’re in Paris for God’s sake!”. I proceeded to loosen up and enjoy myself.

Street performer in Paris. I seem to recall that this was close to the Eiffel tower but could be wrong. No great story here but just love all the greys with the white of the performer coming through.

Street Performer, Paris June 1997 – Frame 4
Street Performer, Paris June 1997 – Frame 6
Richard Gans closeup
Richard Gans – Bad smoking influence!

Quitting smoking was my reward upon arrival back home in Atlanta. Having foolishly started up smoking for a couple of years after being tempted by dearly departed friend Richard Gans (“It’s only one cigar Donald, what harm could that possibly do!”) I used France as my last bastion of smoking prior to my smoke cessation program. What better place to have a last blast in the country that refined the art of smoking? Actually when I was in France this trip, fewer people, and especially young people, were not smoking as much as when I previously visited France. Fortunately, my cessation was eased by “the patch“. It worked for me and I miss the psychedelic, technicolor dreams that the patch delivered.

Pictures of daughter Helen. My favorite model! On the deck at our home. And yes, it finally got painted!

Helen Cox, Marietta June 1997 – Frame 7
Helen Cox, Marietta June 1997 – Frame 8
Helen Cox (and Nina the cat), Marietta June 1997 – Frame 12

The above picture with Helen and Nina (the cat) is especially important to me as Nina passed away only in late September of this year. She had a long, good life but it’s always hard to say goodbye to our furry babies.

Updated Zenfolio site!  This is the site where I dump large, high res versions of my photography for viewing and/or purchase. Be sure to drop by and check it out. Leave a comment (unless of course you are mean). If you want to just check out the variety of my work just stay on the homepage and watch the slideshow. If I know you, chances are good you might see a picture of yourself or someone you know. Just a reminder, anything in the “Friends and Family” folder is at cost, because it would just be wrong to charge your pals! Zenfolio partners with MPIX photo labs. I’ve never been disappointed by them — unless I mess up!


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