About “Now and then – Photoblog by Vance Cox”

Here is a place for me to unleash past and present photo beauties to share with all of my closest friends, known and unknown.  I’ve worked as both a corporate and industrial photographer and finally took the digital plunge a couple of years ago…thinking I wanted to shoot weddings — WHAT was I thinking!

Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to clip the RSS feed. All the kids are doing it — you can too!  Bookmarking is also appreciated.  Please leave comments, unless of course you are mean.




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  1. This is Alice Kennedy from 7×5 http://www.sevenbyfive.net/. Your imagery is exactly what we are looking for to be featured on our newly launched DSLRBLOG website. We are looking for images (with stories behind them). Kindly contact me at
    dslrblog@photocrati.com or feel free to send in a submission through the site http://dslrblog.com/. I am looking forward to hearing from you and showcasing your work.

    Thank you.


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